UA 13 St. X 3


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Well i got up to see the UA-X game tonight. After X's first possession, it was all UA. X scored on an intercepted pass with a 1 on 1 with the goalie. After that UA went up 4-1 to finish off the first quarter. X's defense began to fall apart pretty quickly. They let in another 4 in the second quarter for a halftime tally of 8-1 UA. X scored one right off the bat in 3rd quarter. Then UA scored 5 more throughout the final half. X scored its last one with about a minute to go.

X's offense was invisible tonight. They had a few good looks but did nothing with it. Just when they looked like they were finally going to get something going in the 3rd quarter, they threw the ball away and UA made them pay for it. UA put in their backup goalie towards the end of the 3rd quarter. X's goalie didn't have a good night. He looked much sharper against Moeller. Regardless, the goals seemed to be from defensive breakdowns, not from the goalie's own fault. It appeared he was screened quite a few times by his D, and his D also let UA get quite a few wide open backside looks.

X played much better against Moeller. If UA is the state's reference team, I can't see X getting out of regional's this year. They have continuously failed to put together a full game, and as evidenced by tonight's game, they have a very young defense. A few of the middies played very intense, notably #20, but many also looked like they were playing scared. X didn't win many ground balls. UA would get 2-3 guys on every groundball, but X would only have 1-2. X's guys appeared to be scared or tired on many of the groundballs. UA made it look easy tonight. If X keeps it up, they won't be going anywhere this year.