Try 2, Mad Sports Man- The Voice of IHTN

Ok, so I will be watching 2 basketball games today,

Sryacuse is going to destroy G'town

and the Cavs will destroy Mcdonalds! (Nuggets)

I will be checking in on the olympics aswell.
yesterday was all about American Curling, I watched the US men play Sweden, the last end was sick, when smith laid the last stone in between the 2 stones to win! then I watched the American Women beat GBR, having to steal a point in each of the last ends (10th and 11th) without the hammer!

Dis morning my little cousin was baptised, and did not get home till 3. it was good to see him accpet christ infornt of the church. he is just 9.

When I got home, I got to see the last part of the UC game, where Cornin and the boys compelety sh!tted the game away!

Then US Curling agian, where the US Sh!tted that one away.

and Now I am watching the US beat the home team Canada by 2 right now, hopefully they don't take a number!

BTW, I did finish the ECON homework, I think i did it right, will get back to you with that!
I have watched literally no sports in the past two days, I have been much too busy writing this thousand page outline for a million page paper I have due in English. You would think that second semester of the senior year would be easy going.....but it is not!
I am of course very excited for the tournament tmr. UC is beating up on weber, looks like a good match up to come with Dayton. I am excited to gamble on it on one of those free sports book sites
I am watching this UCONN Huskie Girls team, maybe you heard of them? :) . anyway, I started playing my NCAA basketball 2k7 for Xbox (the normal one, the one with out numbers at the end) and am playing with Navy in Legacy mode. I am in my third and doing pretty well. I am in the NCAA tourney right now as a 1 seed. (so you can imagine how good this team is, or, how good I am). anyway so Navy plays in the Patriot league, with the likes of Army, American, Lafayette, and Colbert. So you can imagine how hard I am beating up on these guys.

NOW BACK To UCONN. these girls are beating up on teams just like I am in the video game, except, they are doing it in real life. The way this team plays is ridiculous. maybe you know this or maybe you don't, but I am a bit of a gambler, I like to try to predict the feature. well, I was checking some forums looking for the hot play, and I stumble a pawn the Uconn women -30.5~ seemed like a ---- of alot to me, but everyone said that they where loading up on this, and that there is no way Uconn does not cover. and of course, they win by 50. I guess my point is that when you are in the NCAA tourny second round, and people are loading up on you because the spared is only 30. It means that you are good.
not too many sports going on tonight, Went to opening day for Indian Hill, but since I got home, I have been paying attention to my studies. I know, I can't believe it either.