Top Teams

From the MVL there is always Tri-Valley and River View. These two teams always finish near the top of the league, including a co-championship last year. Tri-Valley was ranked in the state last year, I think they were as high as a two seed.
Hope you'll be hearing ALOT about the Mentor Lake Catholic Cougars!!! We'd love a return trip to Dayton! Being in the final four was verrrrrry cool!!;) :D :D ;)
based on this summer,,,,

Amherst Steel High School

Mansfield Madison




Toledo St Ursula

Sidney Lehman

Norwalk St Paul

those are a few of the top teams ive seen this summer
Tallmadge is always good, but they'll be "down" from last year with losing Joliat. They'll still be top 1-2 in the league and probably win their district though, so that ain't half bad. Green v. Tallmadge in volleyball this year. It's gonna be a WAR :)
if by war you mean we're the us and you're some third world country, then you're right. we lost joliat but if duffy's back is healthy then we gain someone. prulhiere replaces urycki. let me spell it out for you, mcgal. l-e-a-g-u-e c-h-a-m-p-s!
Alright SimplyADevil. We'll see what happens come the season. Tallmadge always has the advantage because they've won before and we haven't. I have a feeling that will start to change this year. I'll go to the match with you if I don't have to work. It'll be fun :)
around volleyball season i never have a chance to go to the matches. i only went to a handful last year and i was working much much less. this year i have to manage working 25 hrs a week, do calc hw, golf practice/matches, and being in the play. usually when i could get away from play practice i'd go to the match. i'm such a busy girl!