Top Players for Each Grade?

Also Nick Everly as a dark horse pick for POY. Kid is killing it on the soccer pitch and will be in prime shape coming into the season. He will own the back baseline D as he owns everyones' ankles on the pitch. Plus his vert is 11'11", verified to me by Karch Kiraly.
Who do I talk to about trying to get an all star game? 1st team all state vs 2nd team. Also, where are the finals going to be this year?
Senior class-
Bowling, Moldovan, Swabinksy, Carpenter, Gerwhig, Michals, Purcell, Margevicius

Junior Class-
Mikesch, Gallagher, Pung, Rose

Sophomore Class-
???? I have no idea on this one

Freshman Class-