Top Midfielders

moelax12 said:
Jared Bowman
Tom O' Brian
Jay Troja
Todd Wittman
Danny Johnson

Wittman was completely shut down by St. X on wednesday. He doesn't to seem to have much of a left. X has a freshman middie that has been simply unreal at face offs this year and should be one of the better middies in the city in the upcoming years.
jon saellinger seems to be having a good year
same with fred craig
will edwards i'm sure is having a great year too, but i can't find his or kecks stats on ohsla
I don't care what position Corey Schwartz plays but it doesn't matter. I once saw him strangle a walrus with one hand while beating an anaconda to death with the other while eating a live porcupine while stomping an elephant with one foot while balancing on a wire above an active volcano on his other foot while reciting the multiples of 13 backwards from 32,134,123,567 while doing the electric slide. Someone convince me that that does not at least deserve an All American mention.
Nick Lucking, Kevin Jack, and Andy Isch from Lakota West.
From other teams, Bowman looks like a good pick, as does Edwards and O'Brian
chubbs10 said:
curt plays D his bro is middie and is a sophomore and leads milfords middies in points and goals

Coach B still says you have no stick......curtis' little brother cal is a stud player for Milford!!!!!
no offense, but i don't think any milford players deserve to be recognized as the top midfielders in the city. they do have an up and coming program but right now its not extremely respectable. As for middies, Edwards has 50 goals this season according to OHSLA and hes fast. Also, watching Bowman play has shown me massive potential and he should lead Moeller next year along with Bublitz.
Cincy's Best Middies

Nick Lucking at Lakota West should be the top midfielder in the city next year. He has got it all.
The toughest midfield line may be at Anderson with both Browning and Weiss back. It is harder to find two faster and more physical players with years of experience.

Another fine middie is Will Edwards at Summit.