Top LAX Programs in SWO

if you are talking all three together the top four are

1. IndianHill

2. St X and Blue Jays

3. Moeller

4. Lakota

IH takes the cake as it has a HUGE feeder program tons of kids playing from the first grade up.
Youth programs

BigMoe1 said:
No disrespect to the other programs in town it just these four progtams have been at it for a while .
Yes, Milford and Anderson (among others) are doing a great job building from the ground up. The girls in Milford, especially... it's just unreal how fast that program is growing. The numbers are staggering. It's all good news in my opinion.
What about Mariemont? Just throwing it out there but they play pretty well dont they? Or is there just too much hate for those kids....
I wouldn't say its hate at all, while for awhile Mariemont was far ahead of schools like Lakota it was only a matter of time until their size cought up with them. I dont think anyone will disagree when i say that in their first year in Division 1 they are not expected to finish too high. I do beleive though they will give even teams great games and maybe grab an upset or 2 this season.
As i said earlier no disrespect to the other programs they are all going a great job the four i picked out has numbers and that is what drives the future. Mariemont has done great has a DI college player in a short period of time and has one on its roster now. They should not be in Division one but were forced by politics ip north. They have a great program just not top four.
yea but you gotta remember....lax is still growing in a few years when its really picked up im sure you'll see those teams come out on top
i would definitely agree that indian hill is the best "overall" program. Although schools like X and Moe have probably had a little more success at the high school level in the past 5-7 years, looking closer reveals that many of the these players on these teams are from the IH youth program. Recently, some of x's studs, andrew zilch and judson pickard, came from these teams and helped to propel X to a new level last season and both are playing big time college ball. On mariemont, it is a very good statement to call them "efficient" however their best class graduated 2 years ago where they went to the state finals. While they have been decently consistent since then, i think its fair to say that we will not see mariemont at that level, especially in D1, for a veryy long time