To what extent do you shape your own destiny, and how much is down to fate?


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Personal behavior, choices and decisions are paramount in shaping destiny. Environment also plays a huge role. Fate and luck play a much smaller role, generally...there are always exceptions.


If the Big Bang is true, then it would reason all that would happen is linear, meaning everything in the universe that would ever happen was set in motion at the set off (time being an illusion or relative).

Choices are likely an illusion as our minds cannot comprehend the entirety of the universe and it’s place in it. Free will probably doesn’t exist; we are objects of fate.


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personalities develop rather young and most do not change. Shaping one's own destiny is hugely self-delusion. People do more to shape the destiny of their kids than they do their own.


I believe in re-incarnation, what I'm not clear on is how many times do you come back. But I believe each life you live are built for you to learn new lessons of life. The lessons learned in a previous life I believe are in your subconscious and help steer you toward decisions made in the current life. I do think your destiny is based on how well you learned previous lessons in life and how well you subconsciously re-apply them in your current life.