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Well. I've been here about 5 years. It's time to start one of these. I've been reading a lot of Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33) stuff lately, and I'm pretty convinced and agree with him that God or whatever supreme being is out there hates Ohio sports, especially Cleveland.another hilarious follow is @adarnschefter, although all he does is troll America daily.
Welcome to America everybody. The country where people don't want taxes raised, but b-itch and complain when our governmental services aren't efficient. I'm convinced we're the laziest country in the world. Is this country really free? A country you have to pay to get into. A country that pays people who had no financial plan after work and live on social security or disability with the working man's money. A country that will have hospitals pay 500,000 dollars for a treatment that will make one live 2 months longer. Sure those bills go to the patients/power of attorneys but who ever even thinks about paying them? A country that is uneducated, and refuses to pay teachers/cops/firemen/military more than peanuts. People wonder why our education sucks . Who wants to be a teacher with the rate they make? Education past HS should be free for everyone. Sure taxes would be raised but it would be worth it.
Should Governmental Welfare exist? The majority of the recipients are uneducated, unmarried, and have scores of children. Is the welfare investment really one worth making? Also, unemployment. There's bums who've been collecting checks for upward of a year. Unemployment needs cut. If not, there should be an even bigger tax hike on it. I'm getting sick of all of these handouts the government gives these miscreants.
The Government should install Euthanization systems for people with terminal illnesses and old people who are worth more than their fair upkeep. Think of the money saved!
Since when did Abortions, Who marries whom, and whatever kind of turkey gravy Joe blow injects up his veins become federal government issues? Why does America feel the need to police the world, as well?