Texas Bill May Allow More Privates Into UIL


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A House and Senate Bill is going thru the Texas Legislature to allow more Privates to join the UIL. The Bill allows for the following:

1) School must be accredited.
2) School must have applied to a private school league and denied enrollment (such as TAPPS)
3) Enrollment 2X to determine classification
4) Cannot be in smallest classification (1A)
5) Abide by the UIL rules the public schools follow.

Currently only 2 private schools are in the UIL under threat of a lawsuit.

While most do not think the measures will pass this legislative session, the public school faction has been up in arms and the lobbying group for the coaches has come out against the Bills. The primary concern is privates must recruit to survive and do not have to accept the general population the public schools must enroll.

How has the combination of the two school systems worked in other states. I ask you identify whether you are a product of public or private schools. I can tell in Ohio the issue has been hashed to death. But Ohio is one state and very few state separate the two systems like Texas.

I have my own opinions as a product of private school who sent his children to private primary schools and public secondary schools.

Its slow and this might be interesting interaction.