Tallmadge searching for a girls basketball coach


Go Buckeyes
Tallmadge's coached has stepped down. Tallmadge is beginning their coaching search. Any idea of candidates?
Tallmadge coaches:

2010-2014 Bill Johnson
2014-2019 Collin Epstein
2019-2020 Brett Bickar
2020-2022 Joe Leonard
2022-2024 Chrissie Vaughn

Bill Johnson stepped down to get teaching degree. Collin Epstein was the victim of budget issues in the district. Brett Bickar I believe was planned as a one year coach and had good success with his daughter as a Senior. Joe Leonard was let go after two years but landed at Rootstown and has done a great job. Had the misfortune of having almost no upperclassmen when he took over the team and had to start Freshmen and Sophomores. Chrissie Vaughn inherited an experienced team of Juniors and Seniors. Next coach will have a couple top end players but not much depth.