SWOSHL Leage Tourney

Who will win SWOSHL?

  • Alter

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Beavercreek

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • Centerville

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Moeller

    Votes: 6 30.0%
  • Talawanda

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Springboro

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • St. Xavier

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Sycamore

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Troy

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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lots of suprises throughout the season. tally and creek look dominate. moeller has suprised many people, losing to several teams. troy should be another contender as well as x. any predictions on who will win the league?
Where is the Tournament this year?
If its up north I would give the edge to last years champs...Beavercreek
But if its anywhere down in cinci Tally is going to Dominate this tournament.

Anything can happen tho, I mean X was hot last year and beat everyone surprised everyone by winning the south. Boro came back and beat Cville...but like last year its all about who has the hottest goalie. If Dann is hot they should win.

But springboro shouldnt even be involved in this tournament this year...
the swoshl tournament is at the cincinnati gardens this year, but after talawandas 4-2 loss to moeller last night, i wouldnt favor them. i would say that makes things even more open. this tournament is virtually anybodys. its whoever comes to play and wants to win it. tally, x, moe, creek, and troy all can win it.
Goaltending is Key

I agree that the Goaltending will make the difference in the SWOHSHL tourney. Dann played great for the Beavers at St X. If the Beavers can stay disciplined they may be hard to be despite the Cincinnati location. They are 3-0 in Cincy this year (and 2-0 in the Gardens over Moeller & St. X). In fact, they are unbeaten on the road in the league.
Even tho Tally lost to moeller they still have to be favored over them in the tourny... Moe might have played a good game but tally is def the better team. They have a better goalie and more talent, they will probably play in the secound round of the tourny if they both can get past the teams they play first round... I don't think that any surprises will happen in the South bracket this year. Tally should make it past Moe in the rematch, but if there are any surprises it will be in the North. Alter, Troy, and Beavercreek seem to be pretty evenly matched, and the battle for the north could be interesting to watch. Although whoever gets that first seed might get surprised and overlook centerville, unlikely, but I'm pretty sure that some of the teams last year overlooked X.

Tally over Creek in the final.
I do agree that Creek, Alter, Troy and throw Cville in there are all pretty even. I give the edge to Creek in the Gardens on the road. That sets up Creek vs Tally like you said in the finals. Dowler vs Dann. You picked Dowler, I go with Dann.
dowler > dann

despite saying that, i do NOT agree that tally is the favorite. sure they have dowler, they have the hoovers, swanson, phillips, and kidd. u guys can talk about them all u want. but their defense is young and weak and cant seem to stop much. at the beginning of the season they were very strong but it seems like they have slowly started to decline over the past few months. workman was a huge loss for tally. they virtually have no defensemen besides park who only has size. since their win over creek they seemed like they lost their intensity. if they can get it back that is great and it will make the tourney even more exciting, but until they prove it and show they can i would not favor them. tally plays moe again this sat @ goggin. well see what happens with that.
The only real reason that I picked Tally over creek was not Dowler over Dann... Dann has proven himself, and like you mentioned about Tally's suspect defense, Dann probably has the best overal defense in the league to support him. I just think that Tally will pull their crap together at the end of the season and grind out wins...like the are known to do this time of year
tally grinding out wins like they are known to this time of year? wasnt tally upset by x last year in the swoshl tourney?
Talawanda hasn't played a home game since Dec 16th, yet they've stayed undefeated in the league (8-0) including a win @ Beavercreek. Unfortunately, they'll have to play either Moeller or St. X on their home ice to even advance to the tournament finals, not an easy task..... should be a fun to watch tho.......

-alter vs troy
-creek vs cville

----creek vs troy

------------------creek vs moeller ------- moeller

----moeller vs tally

-tally vs sycamore
-moeller vs st x

moller will not be in the finals.. promise. they arent good enough, tally is better, and when i say better, i dont mean by a little. they should dominate moller. st.x, they are good but i believe tally is better than them too. by a good 2 or 3 goals. i dont like any of the teams i metioned but i have respect for tally. they are a good, hard working team. but their D is young and will make mistakes.
i dont know. u might be right, but i will say moeller gets to the finals because they are coming off of a hot few weekends. they beat tally in a non league game, then again in a league game @ goggin on tallys senior night, also beating st.x and sycamore in the process.

if tally beats moeller i dont think they will dominate them. it will be a very close game. moeller at the moment has a huge mental edge over tally after their past 2 consistant victories over them. tally needs to overcome this if they want to get a good shot at moeller, which they can.

and i dont think u should promise anything, especially something that u dont even have control over in the first place. creek doesnt even play moeller until the finals providing both teams make it that far. and getting back to earlier statements, this tournament is anybodys. whoever comes to play. and we will see tommorow when the south bracket begins.
lets put it this way....tally is a bunch of individuals while moeller plays a team game.....its gonna come down to how big dowler can come up for tally because moeller's goaltending has been suspect
moeller already beat talawanda twice the second on their senior night how can you say that talawanda is better?
today talawanda crushed sycamore when last week moeller barely eeked past them. tommorow is going to be an exciting day in north and south.
if tally beats moeller i dont think they will dominate them. it will be a very close game. moeller at the moment has a huge mental edge over tally after their past 2 consistant victories over them.

wrong......a goaltending edge is better than a mental edge, talawanda 5-0

talawanda drops beavercreek in OT 2-1 for the championship