SWOSHL all conference team


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honestly, besides a few small 2nd team foward changes, the only thing that i am shaking my head in disbeleif about, is dann beating dowler. otherwise, i think that list is fine. i dont see coach bias or 5 north coaches outvoting 4 south coaches anywhere, besides goaltending.

ok....... I'm not disagreeing that the players first team/second team aren't deserving hockey players, they all are, but you have to make some accomodation to the team that wins the league (or why bother playing in a league?). After winning it, Talawanda was awarded a #3 seed in districts behind second place Beavercreek and counting only first and second team players, Alter, St X, Moeller, Beavercreek, and Troy had more kids make it than Talawanda....thats just wrong.....


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yes i just said i agreed with you. 2nd team foward chances. i do think phillips and kidd should have been on 2nd team over kamp and trudeau (nolting was a 1st team cadidate, and dukart is very good too, deserving of 2nd team). honestly from when ive watched swanson play, i wasnt too impressed. dont get me wrong the kid is good and CAN hit, but i think phillips and kidd are both better. but mayb thats just me.

the district seedings are a whole different issue, but in the end it really doesnt/didnt matter for talawanda. yes it was bull givng beavercreek #2 over talawanda, but look at what has happened; tally over creek 5-2, advancing to the district finals. either way tally would have advanced.


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bit of a correction

I have to stand a bit corrected. Well, not corrected on who I think deserves what, but I have recently realized that when the district seeds were selected and the all conference picked was before the SWOHSHL tourney. So, Talawanda had just lost to Moeller twice, and hadn't won the championship yet.

So, how about this . . . what a stupid time to vote on seeds and all conference.