Strongsville Fleet Feet Invite Girls Recap


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The girls end of this meet looked very competitive! Results for this course looks fast so I wonder the terrain and whatnot..regardless it looked like 9 Teams on the State Poll (Salem being a top 10 team D2) so that gives us some insight team to team wise and also I looked at a few past meets to see patterns with starting line ups and etc. Results

Top 6 Teams: Perrysburg, Westlake, Avon, Medina, Brunswick, Rocky River

Perrysburg looks great..can they make another run at winning the State Meet? 6th runner 42nd and Their 7th 8th and 9th runners being 51st, 88th, and 107th, but they have a very strong top 7 and looked like Kaeyln Becken stepped up with a huge PR and 23rd finish being their #4 with Beeks right behind her. They have the firepower to be another top team in the State this year and have been the last few years. Beeks coming on strong every week and has shown elite racing in the past (once being their #1/#2)

Westlake this year still has a squad..Peer dominated for the win. Their 5th runner 38th, so their top 5 is strong and close together (#2-4) but then 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th runner being 61st, 75th, 88th and 99th, so not as much depth as Perrysburg on their #6 and #7 but top 9 under 100 from this meet. Their top 5 can carry them though, as looks like Richards, Ware, and Hennessey are close together, with Irwin a little ahead for their #2. They were 3rd last year with 1 senior I believe so they can do some damage this postseason.

Avon looked like they had a B team entered in this race. Their 6th runner was 42nd, and their 7th 8th 9th fastest runners that day were on their B team and were 55th, 57th and 59th. 9 in the top 60 so there is some depth there and Reese placing 2nd overall helps. They look similar to Perrysburg top 7 wise though Perrysburg has a few stronger upfront. They just need a #2 up front, though it looked like their normal #2 was their #5.

Medina has a strong top 3 with their #4 very solid. Heine placed 7th, Black 11th, and Warnement 13th. Their 4th runner was 39th, with their 5th 98th and 6th 113th. So not much depth aside from their top 4..maybe they haven't raced a few but their top 4 look good. Just gotta get their #5 up. Medina usually has a solid postseason team so I am sure they will figure it out

Brunswick has a strong top 3 that finished 12th, 14th, and 20th, with their 4th 49th and their 5th 81st. Their 6th and 7th finishing 86th and 87th. 8th runner 11th. Similar to Medina based on this meet's results. If they can get their 4th and 5th up they could be pretty solid in the postseason. Tracy, Daddario, and Kemmann looking strong so far this season. Similar to Medina, history with this team leads me to think they will improve with the back end of their line up

Rocky River a few points behind Brunswick. Chaves 4th and Lavelle 9th for a strong top 2. but their 3rd being 45th. Their 4th and 5th finished 54th and 65th. but 6th 7th, and 8th finishing close together in 70th, 77th, and 82nd so also some depth. Rocky River typically seems to do well come October and the first week of November.
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