State Tournament - Division III


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My guesses

106-Lacy, Schulke, Caizzo, Mattin, Hermer, Murphy, Boggs, Newell
113-Shore, Hermes, Campbell, Quinter, Wilcox, LaPlante, Miller, Becker
120-Campbell, Duncan, King, Caprella, Contos, Durbin, Gahandhi, Reineke
126-Shore, Attisano, Schmeltzer, Vanderhorst, Chiesa, Wrobel, Wydick, Kramer
132-Cmil, Long, Davidson, Allen, Brown, McKee, Shaffer, Kuhn
138-Lacure. Markulin, Owens, Homan, Alli, Benson, King, Kennedy
144-Taylor, Dominique, Hornish, Harris, Vogus, Campbell, Richardson, King
150-Brown, Moyer, Stieber, Coppersmith, Wireman, Cline, Siders, Lyons
157-Geiser, Hurst, Smith, Davis, Starkey, Coontz, Perry, Fox
165-Slone, Andel, Chase, Alvarez, Bey, Cormell, Miller, Hershberger,
175-Lemon, Sell, Keckley, Havill, Smith, Thomas, Lackey, Basil
190-Stoddard, Sapp, Knight, Lloyd, Delano, Hash, Johnson, Pummel
215-Stewart, Brown, Dobson, Moyer, Thomas, Ryder, Mesaros, Pfeifer
285-Kohlhofer, Tyo, Criblez, Gaines, Owen, Mendenhall, Box, Fox

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157 Remington Bauer, you must of overlooked this guy because he will be on the podium


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Very interesting matchup here. Classic shore style of feet wrestling vs Hermes mat wrestling. Comes down to shore needing a few takedowns. That being said, I’ll take Shore
Hermes is very improved on his feet. Seen him wrestle a couple times this year and is much improved on his feet. You will all see this weekend.


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106) 1-Shulke 2-Lacy 3-Caizzo 4-Hermes 5-Mattin 6-Newell 7-Boggs 8-Murphy
113) 1-Hermes 2-Shore 3-Campbell 4-LaPlante 5-Wilcox 6-Miller 7-Ward 8-Funk
120) 1-Campbell 2-Caprella 3-Duncan 4-King 5-Reineke 6-Contos 7-Gandhi 8-Durbin
126) 1-Shore 2-Attisano 3-Chiesa 4-Vanderhorst 5-Stoud 6-Amodio 7-Schmeltzer 8-Wrobel
132) 1-Long 2-Cmil 3-Davidson 4-Allen 5-Kuhn 6-Shaffer 7-McKee 8-Brown
138) 1-Lacure 2-Owens 3-Homan 4-Alli 5-Markulin 6-Benson 7-King 8-Kennedy
144) 1-Taylor 2-Dominique 3-Hornish 4-Harris 5-Vogus 6-Campbell 7-Peterson 8-King
150) 1-Brown 2-Moyer 3-Steiber 4-Coppersmith 5-Wireman 6-Buhro 7-Siders 8-Lyons
where is Quinter for 113