State Team Tournament


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We (Orange) play University School on Monday to decide who goes to Ohio State on next Sunday. It should be a good match as we lost last time 3-2 after being up a break in the 2nd set at 2nd doubles.

However, at districts I heard that John Smetona is going to play ahead of Tobin against us: Smetona at 2 and Tobin at 3. That's the rumor I heard and I guess we'll see if it's true on Monday.

What's going on down in Cincinnati, though? I saw someone post on here that Indian Hill beat CHCA, but can someone give me the scores and lineups of that? And was that the final match to decide who goes to OSU?
In Cincy, Indian Hill beat CHCA to play 7 Hills at 7 Hills on Monday. Indian Hill looks they will be without Andrew McCarthy (he withdrew from the state tournament, someone from IH please give me more details) and Billy Strunk (who has not yet fully recovered). That makes this a winnable match for 7 Hills, which would leave the entire state race wide open. If they do not play, the matchups would likely be the following.
I know the lineup almost for sure on the 7 Hills side, just an educated guess for IH.
1st Singles: Laber (if healthy, he hurt his hip in Dayton on Thursday, but is playign a bid to state on Saturday) vs Devin McCarthy
2nd singles: McCall vs Malingham (sp?)
3rd Singles: Tesmond vs Taneja
1st Doubles: Sawyer and McIlwraith vs Matthew and Ramadas
2nd Doubles: McNeill and Brunner vs ??
My take is that if the lineup turns out for IH, 7 Hills would win 1st and 3rd singles, with IH taking 2nd singles and 1st doubles. I think it will come to 2nd doubles. However, if Andrew McCarthy or Strunk are able to go or Laber is not able to go, IH will likely win this match.
Andrew McCarthy pulled a hammy in his match against chca. i dont know if he will be able to play. the second doubles team would be Vanderschueren and Doyle if the rest of the lineup is as you mentioned.
The 7 Hills vs IH match has been moved to Tuesday, making it seem probable McCarthy and Laber will both play.
IH beat 7 Hills without Strunk or Andrew McCarthy. Devin played out of his mind to beat Laber, and 7 Hills just could not get going today.