St Xavier wins national title

GoBucks said:
This story is a little confusing to me but maybe the rest of the swimming fans will understand it better:

It's spelled out in the article. Swimmer's World Magazine rewards a team (Firestone) who has less depth, but a few more superstar individuals. The NISCA rewards a team with more depth (ST.X) even though their individual stars are not as good. ST.X also won the state meet because of their depth, not because they had all the top swimmers.
Simply X said:
quantity over quality is what i say:laugh:

Public schools have alot more kids then GCL schools. So there fore they are better then us right? Now everyone I believe each school is equal, don't get me wrong here. But his statement just doesn't make sense if he says that St. X is number 1 no matter what. If his first statement was true alot of public schools are better then us.