St. X vs Jerome JV-A & Varsity Hockey on Internet & TV

WX Dude

The 12/21/07 St. Xavier Bombers vs Jerome Celtics games are scheduled for broadcast.
(That's Xavier, not Egg-Xavier and "Keltics", not "Seltics". The "Seltics" are only in Boston :))

On the internet starting at about 3am Saturday morning.

Time-Warner Channel 4 in Greenhills Forest Park, Springfield Twp and Wyoming.

12/22 JVA 6pm, Varsity 8pm
12/27 JVA 2pm, Varsity 4pm

Channel 15 with a cable box or 22 without a cable box (same areas)
12/24 JVA 8pm, Varsity 10pm (watch the game before you go to Midnight Mass!)
12/25 JVA 3pm, Varsity 5pm
12/29 JVA 1pm, Varsity 3pm

Channel 24 in most of Hamilton county
12/31 JVA 10pm, Varsity 8pm

WX Dude

Well, the hooligans were there, and BOY what a game! I really wish they did OT on regular season, but I see why they don't!

The games are being processed now. They will show up on the internet at about 2:30 or 3am.
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