St. X Swimming 2005-2006


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How will there season be next year? any st.x guys want to fill me out, i have a extremely interest in there sucess
X is loaded for the next couple of years. They should be able to handle state for the next two years atleast. Where X lost key swimmers, they picked up, Jim Barbiere finished 5th in the backstoke to replace kit french, jim mertins will take Jared Wagsters spot, and the junior class has many swimmers that can fill in for the freestyles. If my math is correct, only 4 swimmers at state were seniors, brian valerio, a diver, kit french, 100 free 100 back and relays, jared wagster 100 breat relay, jake burke relays
About the next few seasons....

St. X should be getting better and better the next two years and no one will probably be able to compete.
i highly agree on that, UA lost pretty much everybody, the NEO has NOBODY that stands a chance, its pretty much X reign again, till a somebody rallies an all-star team to beat them
There were like 5 or 6 sophs and 1 frosh at state i think. It would be good if an underclassmen steped up as a diver but stX wins state the next 2 years and I'd say 05-06 with ease since UA is rebuilding almost their whole team.