St. X isn't even that Good


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St. X isn't even that good this year. i mean all they have is kit french and that jared kid. i mean come on there is no way they can repeat as state champions. kit will lose to nathan cass and jared will lose to ash and heath. i saw heath's times he will kill jared. Plus turpin is by far the best team in the city. we will kill st. x in the 200 medley and 400 free relays. plus hank is a bad ***.
turpin is almost sweet. X would rape them in a dual meet anyday, with their JV team. Tough dominating them in the medley too. Back- X has French, whose turpin got that can compete with him. Breast- Wagster, once again, who has turpin got that can compete. Fly- Mosko, i swear he didnt just get second place in the freakin U.S. Open in fly, good luck though. Free- whoever they want, my one legged grandma could swim the end of that relay and still make turpin look like d-bags. oh 400 free relay, yea they got first at districts last year, and X almost stacked that relay. What place did they get at state, oh wait the got 7th and X got 2nd, thats right. Yea, so it looks like tough dominating turpin, AGAIN.
oh and by the way smart guy from turpin, even the Cincinnati Enquirer said X was the best team in the city and they dont pay attention to swimming
lets just face it, st.x will win state this year in swimming again. Its next year im worried about, our juniors arent that stacked this year
Dudes, where is the love we can all admit that St. Xavier and Turpin are two of the better teams in the city but saying Turpin is better than St. Xavier in just about any sport is like saying that Britney Spears is a more talented musical artist than Jimmy Page.
ok 'xaviermen' i think u have no idea what your talking about, X might not have the strongest senior class ever, but i swear their juniors next year wont be amazing: mosko ginnochio hessler janszen and deters
St. X Domination

You guys have no idea what you are talking about. Following is a list of corrections:
1) Kit beat Cass in 2003, and so far this year on paper.
2) Heath cannot swim breastroke legally.
3) Heath cannot swim IM legally, as it includes a back-breast turn and breastroke.
4) Turpin is going to beat X just like they beat X last year (wait... that never happened).

Try and talk, but if you can't even crawl...
Here we go again....

...year after year someone talks smack to say they can beat St. X and year after year St. X wins another state title...
heath has sort of became a choke artist so far i mean he is a great swimmer but when it comes to the big meets he messes up in a way and he does swim legaly but he just choked so yea. and winning on paper means nothing anyhting can happen.
I remember we went through this last year. What happened? The same thing that always happens. X swam their second team for GCL's and cruised to yet another state title. What did Turpin do? Well, the same thing they always do...choke. Do me a favor. This year, don't waste your time hyping yourselves up. We all saw how far that got you last year, yet another finish behind X.