St. X Domination


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Since 1970 St. X has won 26 state titles. That is 26 out of 35 years since we have had a swim team. You may think you can beat us this year, or next year, or two years from now, but the point is, we don't rebuild, we reload. Each year we have strong swimmers that emerge from all classes, and they will keep coming to the team with the tradition. Every year, every state meet, every dual meet, every practice, we will be better, faster and stronger than you could ever be. And it will not stop. The seniors go, seniors arise from juniors, juniors arise from sophomores, sophomores from freshman, and freshmen begin. Each year your teams have to start anew, with the same swimmers. We continue the cycle of domination.

In the words of Fleetwood Mac, "You will never break The Chain"