St. Ignatius 2022-2023


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The Cats should challenge for the top spot in OH all year long. Most of the team is back this year and a year older of course.

The roster and schedule are updated here - Go Cats

The season kicks off tonight in Michigan - no SIBN best I can tell.

Go Cats
Nice comeback win vs Gilmour. LOTS for this team to cleanup. They have the speed, skill, and depth but they don't do the little things well. Their passing is very bad. I don't think I saw one pass on the stick tonight. Passes behind folks, into feet, or just to nobody. Clean that up and they can go far. If they don't, they'll exit in districts.
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Good team. Best in last 3 years. Great in net, solid D. The O is the issue. I thought they'd score more this year but every game is 3-2. The margin to win is slim with this team. Gonna be tough to win #8.
Ignatius' record for the year is 21-6-3, with most of the losses coming to out of state schools. The Cats played very few games against Ohio schools.
I saw a few games live this year and lots on the SIBN. The Cats are good. They are the best in the state. However, they are not dominant because of their lack of goal scoring.

Francis is #1 and as good as Savarino was.

The D is really good. Solid in their own zone and good at moving up the ice quickly. Rodgers and Zahoranski are one man breakouts. Nadzam, Basile and Bratton are really good as well. Physical when they need to be.

The forwards are solid. Good on their forechecks, quick. Like all good SI teams. They just don't score like 2016-2020 teams.

Top line is probably Savarino, Baker and Dario Piazza. Next lines up are some combo of Getz, Bartone, Frederick, Elwell, Geffert. Finally they throw Mustafa, Trainor, Gino Piazza, Basile and a few others out there. The younger Basile is a frosh and is really improving. He'll be a great scoring F as he gets older.

They'll be favored to win every game. If they can stay out of the box and focus, they can win it all. Gotta play with urgency to score though.
Tomorrow's game is outdoors at First Energy Stadium.

HKY: A reminder that tomorrow's Regional Semifinal game will be played at FirstEnergy Stadium at 4 p.m. Those in attendance must follow the NFL's clear bag policy. Gates will open at 3 p.m. and the entrance is at the NW Junior Gate!

The Wildcats will play the Padua Bruins next Friday at 7 p.m. in the OHSAA Regional Final at FirstEnergy

Padua beat St. Edward 1-0 in 3 overtimes.
Was the Padua win a significant upset? Ed's down this year? Hot night from the Padua goalie?
They've been consistently ranked in the Top 10 in the state all season and are a very solid team. With St. Ed's leaving the GCHL this season, they didn't play in the regular season. It's an upset, but not a shocking one. Knox (Padua's goalie) has had a tremendous season, leading the GCHL in most goalie categories.
HKY: The OHSAA Regional Final has been moved to Brooklyn Rec Center and will be played on Saturday, March 4 at 4:30 p.m. against the Padua Bruins!