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I've been told Lacrosse is a growing sport in the college ranks and colleges are looking for talented lacrosse players to fill the need. Hence, scholarship money!

Does anyone have any information or facts concerning this?
Great facts stated by all. In addition, I believe that the best aid to acheiving financial aid are academics. Often the combined aid received through achievement of good grades and athletics is what really happens. Coaches first question to all student athletes is "how are your grades?", as this assists in acceptance, combined aid, and reduced risk once the candidate arrives on campus. I addition, coaches athletic budgets are also a function of the teams combined GPA at some schools, so the ability to meet team standards are often a decision point for a given candidate. That being said, if a good HS player wants to play at the next level, there are many opportunities to do so if the player has the right mix of talent, desire, and grade point.
I will tell you from experience if any plyer is looking to play college lax they need to contact the coaches from the college they want to play at. The player needs to be aggresive and let the coaches know they want to play fro them. They can contact them via email go to the school site and find Lax, coaches and email a profile of themselves, and your high school Lax schedule. I will let all you know be sure to not let up if you want to go somewhere, this is very important you contact them and stay in touch by email. There are some restrictions on visits and phone calls, you can email the schools and they will give you the guidelines