Saint Xavier State Champs!


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ST.X yet again, shows everybody that they can not be stopped, no matter if you think there down or not, upsetting UA to win the title again, i think this is 8 in a row, 27 total,
Just to add..

You know what, yah it was StX that won, but it was the individuals swimmer's working their swimmer butts off just to prove those papers wrong. We aren't gonna let some predicition of losing by 80 someodd points or a 40 point trailing on the first night be any preventative measure to getting that prize, the famed state championship. Congratulations to the StX Aquabombers. And congratulations to their Coach Jim Brower for the 2005 OHSAA State Championship. And great job to UA for putting up such a race...
congrats to st xavier, they are without a doubt in my mind thee elite sports program in the state.
Cinci itself is a Hotbed for swimming, one of the biggest hotbeds i the nation, and when you draw all the talent of Cinci into one program = St.X swimming sucess, Cinci itself has had a quite few olympians in swimming, Cleveland Wrestles, and Cincinnati Swims, heh look it at that way,
Yeah...Cincinnati is definately a Hotbed for swimming. It's quite interesting to note that Cincinnati high schools hold the record in 7 of the 11 events at the state meet. That's quite an accomplishment and proves that SWO is the best in swimming.