Rob Manfred says 7-inning doubleheaders and the placed runner are probably gone in 2022


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Manfred expects the seven-inning doubleheaders and runner at second to expire with these season, suggesting that there would however be “non-radical changes.” Asked if the DH in the NL now qualified as “a non-radical change,” he said: Yes.


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We may see the double hook rule in terms of the DH. Atlantic league is testing it.
Essentially the DH is in effect when the starting pitcher is in.

This could satisfy the side of the Isle that says theDH takes some strategy out of the game.


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I actually liked the 7 inning dh. More of a sense of urgency in the games and I paid attention more than I did for past dh.
Interesting and still part of the real game is different. Like JS and college FB OT...exciting but a bastardization of the game


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thank goodness, terrible rule. along with putting a runner on 2nd base in extra innings.
yeah, heaven forbid MLB try to make the game more exciting for fans. Soon nobody but us old farts will be watching baseball. I'm pretty old school but enjoyed the runner on 2nd base in extra innings. nowadays most teams are out of position players subs by the 10th inning so without the runner on 2nd we will be in line for a bunch of 14 inning snooze fests.


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Has the extra inning rule putting a runner on 2nd and the relief pitcher 3 batter minimums been discussed?