Rigged Election in Michigan


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Meanwhile a POTUS called a SoS and pushed him to break a law in Georgia. (PJMedia is a bit of a reach) Also no impact on election results.


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Ohio’s own Dr. Frank is working on the data of 9 Michigan Counties (he lives in Warren County, teaches in Hamilton County, etc).

Here he is reporting his findings (until YouTube decides they don’t like it).

"Dr Frank reviews the data that were presented today in the Antrim, Michigan case, prosecuted by Matt DePerno."

All he is doing is showing the data. That’s his M. O. - “Follow the Data With Dr Frank”.
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I thought this was widely known. Those of us that search for real news already knew this. No prosecutions so who cares?


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Oh dear God they allowed absentee voting during Covid-19 pandemic = rigged? What a stretch. You guys need to tune out for a minute.