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Hey folks, whether you like me or not I'm going to start blogging on here about some sports things and some things in my personal life.

Thinking today, A-Rod's 600 Home Runs might very well be the quietest 600 home runs ever when he passes that mark.
Because he played(plays) in the so called ''steroid-era'' do we discredit his home runs and call them ''false'' or ''asterisked''?
Do performance-enhancing drugs really make a baseball player a better hitter?
If you discredit McGwire for using performance-enhancing drugs how do you not discredit Alex Rodriguez?

Andre Dawson: One of the most underrated players of a generation.
One of 3 members of the 400-300 club and one of the greatest 360 degree players of all time.
Certainly not appreciated enough for his talent, hustle, and hard work.
Just goes to show when it's all said and done ''ring count'' means more than cash flow or legacy.

Just started a new telemarketing job today. All paperwork. More on this tomorrow.
Well, on the telemarketing job, it's the easiest job ever. Not great money, at 8.80, but it's better than fast food at minimum wage.

Will Brett Favre make a huge debacle about returning without playing in training camp?
I can see it now ''The Decision, by Brett Favre'' will be a week before pre-season somehow earning a huge viewing and making ESPN mad dough.

The Dan Haren trade.

I think it was a great deal for the DBacks. Receive a solid pitcher in Joe Saunders and 3 good prospects for a guy who isn't going to win games even if he has a sub 2.0 ERA.

Yesterday, the Browns signed Montario Hardesty, who i think has a chance to gain over 800 yards this year in Eric Mangini's dual back system. Jerome Harrison, i believe is the better back and will hopefully get his.

I think the offense will bear resemblance to the Thomas Jones-Leon Washington combo he had 3 years back in New York.
OK Folks, i haven't posted in a while.

My thoughts on the Browns pre-season game vs the Packers last Saturday.

Delhomme looked great, but i think Green Bays intentions were to give us 4-7 yard gains.

Our running game looked pretty bad after hillis and harrison, it was either that or our depth at o-line sucks.

The tight ends looked great, and the receivers caught the ball. All you can really ask for from a group of youngsters.

Offensive line played really well on pass blocking in the first half/quarter.

Defensive line is yet to be seen without Shaun Rogers' ''injury''

Linebackers looked strong in both pass rushing and tackling. Not really expected of them to cover tight ends really well.

DB's. TJ Ward was imho our best defensive player. Both he and Haden had really good coverage, but against Aaron Rodgers, really good isn't good enough. Shelden Brown isn't too fast any more but hes still a complete corner in that he presses, blitzes, tackles, and still covers pretty well.

Special Teams, still looks like a top 5 in the league even without josh cribbs. Unfortunate injury to zastudil might hurt them though.
But my thoughts on the Browns-Rams game are as follows:

QB: Delhomme played very well for the 2nd straight pre-season game in a row.

Seneca Wallace played well, also; showing alot of poise for a qb with the ability to scramble as well as he can.

Colt McCoy and Brett Ratliff shouldn't be on NFL rosters.

RB: Jerome Harrison looked good on passing downs, picking up blitzes really well. Peyton Hillis probably had 75% of his rush yards after 1st contact. James Davis looked good, even though he was playing with a horrible offensive line and 0 receivers. Lawrence Vickers might be one of the best blocking FB's in the league. Gotta keep the ball off the ground.

WR: Chansi Stuckey and Ben Watson stood out to me. I like their abilities to find weak spots in zone coverage.

OL: Right side of offensive line actually played relatively well in pass protection. Alex Mack keeps showing me why the Browns drafted him last year. Still think only 2 players we drafted were actually worth drafting last year.

DL: Didn't show me much in terms of run defense or pass rush. Great play recognition from the 3 starters, but if youre getting blown up every play, doesnt matter if they tell you what play is coming.

LB: Awful in coverage, Tight ends abused us for 2 games straight. Didnt show a very good pass rush, although they do tackle really well.

CB: Played real well. Real good man coverage group.

Safeties: Didn't make plays necessarily, kept everything under them, let tight ends abuse us.

ST: Did really well on coverage teams. Joe Haden has a lot of shiftiness on returns. Again gotta keep the ball off the ground.
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