Red, Right and 88


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Anybody else think that the bear market and the gasoline price drop are not just coincidence? Is it possible that with Wall Street tanking, Big Oil was loathe to have to report billions in profits while continuing to price-gouge?

Big game for my Browns today. The offense was an embarassment in the first game against the Ravens in Baltimore. Ray-Ray and company had Anderson totally intimidated. DA has played more confidently since, but this is where we find out if he's back on track, or if it's time for "the other QB".

I've managed to see most of each of the Cavs first three games. Mo Williams will make a difference and this tean will be better than last year's. Troubling though that in crunch time they revert to just giving it to LBJ and letting him "create". As Austin Carr said last night, if you are going to trust one another for the first 40 minutes, you have to trust one another for the final 8.
That's a paraphase, but he is right on the money.

I had no idea my vote was so important. No fewer than four people who I didn't know called me yesterday to remind me to vote. They also reminded me what to be for and against and who was the best choice for me. It's good to live in a country where people can use a service I pay for to interrupt my day off with their BS. Do these people work on Sunday? I wonder how many calls I'll get today....
So the Brady Quinn era begins Thursday. I can't say I'm surprised after Anderson's incosistent performance of Sunday. Not that I put all the blame on DA for losing a 14 point lead, but he sure as heck ain't blameless either. That collapse was a team effort, coaches and players. Well, except Josh Cribbs and his special team buddies. I'd put those guys up against any other ST unit in the NFL. At least there is one reason to be proud of this Browns' team.

The Cavs are on the court in Dallas as I write, from work, where I can't watch. Here's hoping they play the game right way tonight and send Cuban home unhappy.

In case anyone was wondering, I did get one more election call on Sunday. It was only one but it still made me feel important as it was from Michelle Obama herself...well a recording of herself anyway. Maybe I should have listened to the entire message before hanging up, but it did come during the Browns' game at a time before they spit the bit.
I was surprised to wake up this morning and find that Crennel had retained his position. Yesterday's game was a failure on so many levels that coaching now has to take the brunt of the blame. It no longers matter that the team "respects" RAC. Incompetence is incompetence, and Crennel can't get the Browns to play well with any consistency.

Put me in the Cowher '09 camp.

The Cavs play in Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. Watch the Garden crowd closely, I'm sure the not so subtle recruitment of LBJ will continue. I'm betting there is at least one "MVP" chant before the night is over.