Pre-season senior run drills

line drills with both hands, some defensive positioning and footwork drills, and agility drills using cones
X-daddy, right on.

I assumed that both hands would be used.

Ohiolax51, trust me, developing stick skills is the only thing teams should worry about during the off-season .

As a wise man one said, "If you can't catch and throw you $u(k"
thanx so far every1. im a senior leader on the wilmington team and if anyone knows wilmington team, we rnt very good so im trying to get guys to get some stick skills
x-daddy, thats what I'm talking about!

wilmy- I'll try to get my hands on some workouts for you. I'll PM you. Until then, this is how I got to the next level. 10 right/left without dropping the ball. 15 right/left (if you drop the ball you have to start back at 1. this made me focus on techique)....etc. go until: one, your so tried you can't throw another ball or two its too dark see the ball.

Good luck this season.
Off Season Drills

Absolutely agree w/ X-daddy and Dpole that wall ball (both hands) to improve stick skills or partner passing if you have your group together is #1.

In addition to static passing/ catching, I would say passing and catching on the move is the other most valuable skill a young team should work on particularly if you can get 8-10 guys together as a group. Missed passes and dropped balls is the most frustrating and biggest opportunity for improvement for nearly every team. Once you start getting that down, then timing, offensive plays, clearing, and shooting start to come together.

A couple of decent drills to help with passing/ catching on the move include:
1) "box drill"- have 4 corners of square with couple players at each. 1st player with ball makes a dodge as player at next corner makes a v-cut or other move to receive pass. Next corner then makes cut and receives pass. Players should rotate to the next corner where they passed after throwing to keep active. Reverse direction and work off-hands.
2) "diamond drill"- have groups at opposite sides of field at 20-30 yard intervals (end line, restraining line, midfield). First player at end starts with ball (or you can have goalie clear to first corner to start). Player opposite side of field breaks at angle toward opposite side, next group and receives pass on run. Passes to player at station he is running toward who then passes to player opposite side who is breaking toward opposite side next station upfield. Keep players and ball moving and increase space and passing distance as group improves. (see below with o=ball and x=man on move)

oX X X
o o o
G ox ox ox oG

x x x
3) "3 man weave"- start groups of 3 at endline with ball at center. Run downfield, passing to opposite side player then cutting behind player to outside lane (see below with o=ball, 1 2 3 are players weaving downfield)

1-----1o 2-----2----2o---
o 1o o
o 1o o
2o------- 1o----- 3o---3
o 3o
o 3o
3-----3-------3o 1----1

Good luck! Reinforce good hand and stick position (head in the box, stick vertical, soft hands...) in all drills as well as communication and you'll be off to a good start.
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