Pre-Season All-American Selections

There may be a new recruit that has yet to be figured out. Matt Angelini may be converting back to the Beckett Ridge Barracudas for 2 last seasons until he graduates.

Matt swam at Beckett Ridge from the ages of 5 to the age of 8, when the great Stephen Ley left the Barracudas and the Marlins. He was soon transferred away from the Barracudas to the Windwood Warriors.

He has talked to the lifeguards at Beckett Ridge, and is trying to find a way to swim there this coming season. Until then, he will be swimming for Moeller High School, and the Cincinnati Marlins...
i believe it's called "Bass and Minnows" on the westside.

they have brought logical thinking to the name. bass eat minnows as their primary food source, while sharks eat tuna and other game fish. although i realize that minnows are found in the ocean, you really need to watch the discovery channel if u think this game should not be called "bass and minnows"

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