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125-Heinselman pins Steen 6-0 Buckeyes
133-Mendez vs Bravo-Young- Bravo-Young with a dec 6-3 Buckeyes
141-Bartlett over D'Emilio by dec 6-6
149-Sasso over Van Ness by Dec 9-6 Buckeyes
157-Haines MD Gallagher 10-9 Penn St
165-Facundo dec Karchla 13-6 Penn St
174-Starocci dec Smith 16-9 Penn St
184-Brooks dec Romero 19-9 Penn St
197-Dean pins Hoffman 25-9 Penn St
285-Kerkvliet MD Orndorff 29-9 Penn St
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Haines is really good and getting better. Look at the gap he opened up in a years time. Kid loves to score.
Levi Haines U20 Worlds 2023 please (sorry for the college dual season interruption).

Wild how Cael + crew can do such a good job identifying people that will develop in that room. They have such a high "hit rate" on recruiting guys and getting points at NCAAs from them.


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Don't know what more Tom Ryan or anyone could have done...

Thought the Buckeyes looked decent. I dont know where you'd even say that they underperformed except maybe sasso. But I think duals are tougher for him with the cut.

I thought Romero, D'Emilio, and Mendes wrestled tough.

PSU is just that good


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Though the wrestling wasn't the best...was a pretty packed house. The new pre-match announcer sucks and easily cost the team at least one win from the crowd not being properly pumped up. The bald ref gave the coach with the same hairstyle a few very questionable calls. It was funny when the PSU fan yelled he was doing a great job amongst the boos.

It was kinda sad when Penn State fans started PSU chants as Tate laid on the mat with no fight.


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Two bow and arrow sticks! Man that move makes me cringe. Nice Malik!! Dean’s pressure on top .. yikes. ….well I’d be on my feet at the whistle that’s for sure. Beat’em on the whistle .


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Not to beat the dead horse but if you take off the scarlet colored glasses you will see for years, it's coaching. Period! People who say not sure what Ryan could have done? How about prepare better? How about make changes to a coaching staff that clearly isn't doing the job. How about getting wrestlers better in your years at OSU. I will say it again. Ryan is a great recruiter a CEO. That's where it starts and ends. The program needs a new voice. I am hearing 1 maybe 2 starters will be different for Northwestern. Not sure it matters because they are being taught by the same coaching staff. Just my two cents. Right or wrong doesn't matter. The picture is clear as day. OSU wrestlers do not get better over their years at OSU. Just a side note. Top recruiting classes (or top 4) in the last 5 years. What happened to all those top ranked kids?


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Tate looked clueless with zero fight he needs to find a spot on the bench and let someone with some fight get the matches that was the worst I have seen zero fight

I enjoy wrestling

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To block his opponents offense with his elbows...ties ...whatever he can do to try and win a 1-2 point but against the above average guys. He's looking to try and pull off a 1 point win. He's a poor mans Alex Marinelli and not as good at it.
Watch and learn from Penn State. Bucket list would be to go to a week of Penn State practices. Penn State is King of the Mountain.


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There was nothing surprising in the dual save for Malik's pin.
TR isn't going anywhere. Maybe JJ can get a head coaching gig somewhere else. Free up a spot for someone new...
NU tomorrow should be another good one.
Still have NEB. and Cornell to contend with before B1G tourney. All three of those are losable.
Possibly it all clicks come tournament time.

Ticketgate was something...
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125 - Heinselman MAJ Steen 4-0

133 - Bravo-Young MAJ Mendez 4-4

141 - Bartlett DEC D'Emilio 4-7

149 - Sasso DEC Van Ness 7-7

157 - Haines DEC Gallagher 7-10

165 - Facundo DEC Kharchla 7-13

174 - Starocci DEC Smith 7-16

184 - Brooks DEC Romero 7-19

197 - Dean MAJ Hoffman 7-23

285 - Kerkvliet MAJ Orndorff 7-27

PSU 27-7
We have a winner 🥇


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I wonder if Romero goes tomorrow after dislocating the finger and noticeably limping after his match.