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With his name being slung through the mud, if I were Sowders I would tell them to go kick rocks! No way I would go back and coach and work for the guy who got rid of me....
I would probably do the same but not sure if Coach Sowders would go back or not. The man has dedicated life to the Students and Athletes at SWLSD. He was promised one more year. If he can get that from where things stand today he just might do it. Harrison AD and Dallio Family=🤡🤡

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I played on a summer team with Shawn Sowders in the 80’s and also played against Harrison when he played there.

Always 100% good dude and excellent player.

I don’t know what happened to my old teammate as coach there but it looks like another stupid HS AD soap opera.
I wish him all the best.


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The news story said there were community members present at the meeting that supported the board's decision. I guess they didn't want to go on air to support their stance or maybe the media members didn't seek their comment.

Who is coaching Harrison's baseball team? Tryouts started this week.
Some people that supported the decision by the SWLSD Board did speak at the meeting. Media should have done their job better!
Heard they hired a coach from Ross????
They did hire Coach Toerner who was at Ross last yr. Not sure how many Assistants he brought with him from his Staff at Ross. I know whoever the Harrison Baseball Coach is they better do things the way Church on Fire and the Dallio Family want them too or they will be removed too. The Harrison AD and Board set a bad precedent here imo with how all this BS was handled.


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Well it is. It’s my understanding the Leader of this “church” (Lol) spoke at the SWLSD Board Meeting last week. Now I’m not sure if it’s a Church a Cult little bit of both but the place does exist.
According to Church on Fire's website, their motto is "we love people." Can't imagine they could be part of ridiculing Coach Sowders. With that being said, what led to this for Coach Sowders?
Was that the church that held services at the high school school before their church opened across from the new Kroger around 2006? I remember we'd be in football staff meetings on Sunday mornings and they'd be hauling in all kinds of stuff, projector screens, lighting....