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West Clermont should get credit for Amelia's championship, Lakota East and West should get credit for Lakota's championship(s), and Hamilton (both before and after) should get credit for any that Hamilton Taft and Garfield may have won, when it was split.
I'm sorry, but you are just 1000% wrong here. Each individual change was made for a reason, and records should reflect that.


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I'm sorry, but you are just 1000% wrong here. Each individual change was made for a reason, and records should reflect that.
Putting aside the statistical fact that it is impossible to be "1000% wrong" about ANYTHING, I will just say that you and I (and apparently, MANY other people, who see things exactly as I do) just disagree on this matter.


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Westerville, Hilliard, Worthington, Dublin, and Pixkerington literally just slapped a name at the end of the original community high school and built a new one as a 2nd. I don't see how you DON'T claim the original histories for Westerville South, Davidson, Thomas Worthington, Coffman, and Pick Central when they're literally the same school.

Same thing in the Toledo area with Sylvania Northview being the original Sylvania High School.


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Nothing absurd about it... and Yup on Westerville.

Actually the most plausible comparison is what happened when the National League went from twelve teams to eight teams after the 1899 baseball season. At the time, an owner could own more than one team. This was outlawed soon after 1899. The owner of Pittsburgh also owned Louisville. The owner of Saint Louis also owned the Cleveland Spiders. Louisville and Cleveland were among the four teams that were eliminated. A guy named Honus Wagner had started with Louisville and went to Pittsburgh. A guy named Cy Young had pitched for Cleveland, and the Spiders had won the equivalent of the World Series on one occasion.

Saint Louis DOES NOT claim Cleveland's history. In fact, nobody claims the history of the Cleveland Spiders. Pittsburgh does not claim the history of the Louisville Colonels, even though some of the more important Pirates actually started with them.

If you want to live in a fantasy world where anybody can claim anybody, that is your prerogative. You are one of the few.


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After the winter and spring sports seasons it looks like 1 other school took the ZERO off their back.
This school won state titles in Girls Softball and Girls Bowling.
After not winning any OHSAA team titles from 1963 to 2021, the Triway Titans come out swinging in 2022 winning 2 State Championships.

Congratulations to Triway.
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I didn't know Uniontown Lake or GlenOak had a state championship. So it looks like every Federal League school has at least one. Green's only state title is the boys team track championship in 1986. I wouldn't be surprised if Green gets a state championship in girls golf soon, that program has been consistently top 10 in the state for about 5 years now.
Lakes was in softball.