OHSAA Wants To Continue To Play State Football Title Games In Canton...WHY?

I will say after spending time in the pressbox during the finals last year, this has to IMO the way the media and officials are treated. The actual crowd size continues to dwindle to such low numbers that the place looks empty.
If we are keeping it real and speaking truth, all of the major division games 1-2 are pretty much private schools with smaller fan bases, whenever you get a public school minus winton woods (cincy) which has been Massillon you get a large crowd. The smaller schools tend to not have as many fans that come to games logically. The format of Massillon and canton was the best in my opinion. I never understand why the rules scew towards private schools especially at the 1-2 level. They generate less money than a public vs public would generate, and there would be more buzz around the game if it was this way.
I have no intention of starting an argument. I think going to Nippert would be pretty cool. Never been there, but heard a lot of good about it. I would go state finals there. But that is obviously assuming they put a bid in.
Those football hall of famers run back to Canton, the so called dump every year don’t they. I’m not starting an arguement either, but just giving a fact.
They might not get to play in the Shoe but Ryan Day's team folded faster than a bad Shark Tank deal vs Michigan last year, so there's that. I haven't seen that level of quit since a few of my Bumble dates.

I guess they don't have anything else to do in Licking County or WKRP Radio Dave Land except bring up this expired Preakness Stakes loser of a subject and go to Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken.
Lee's Famous smacks though, keep their name out of this.
The subject matter of this thread is reminiscent of the incredibly dumb political "influencers" on Twitter.

This "move the state title game" subject is a HOT TAKE!!!

Almost as good as HOT CHICKEN!!!


I'll keep giving Lee's a free plug so at least something productive can result from this Yappi thread. Maybe Lee's will see an uptick in business.
If a MAC school makes the championship game, then they should automatically host it. If the NW Ohio regional champion and SW Ohio regional champion make the finals and they're close to each other, the game gets played in Lima.
"Hey, look at us! We pride ourselves in having some of the best high school football in the country, and we play our state championships on a soccer field."
Hey, look at us, we play in a place where you can pee on a wall and you come back to your car on blocks...
It's like telling kids who like baseball not to go to Cooperstown.
Hmm... Do a poll of all of the high school football players that qualify for the state championship game and ask whether they would rather play at the Shoe or in Tom Benson stadium - before checking the Ohio Stadium box, more than half would ask "What's a Tom Benson?"
Why host at Canton? So some whiny maroon can start a thread about it and a bunch of similarly butthurt hoseheads can pout along with him.

If you want to move the games, have the competence to do so. All you need is:
- A site willing to host.
- A site with adequate spectator capacity.
- A site that has adequate media/VIP facilities.

Contrary to what the terminally petulant seem to think, OHSAA views that last requirement as non-negotiable (especially the VIP part). Which, in turn, eliminates most of the venues which would meet the first two requirements and would otherwise be perfectly acceptable.
Fixed it for you. Oh, and I'm not starting an argument. I'm just stating a fact.
No one is forcing them to do anything. What is the league going to do to guys who are retired?

Maybe you should listen to them when they say they look forward to it.
As a fan of a smaller school who was fortunate enough to experience a state title at Massillon, I can’t imagine a better experience. A good crowd of almost 13,000 left room for more but we we didn’t feel overwhelmed and seemed somewhat full. A great experience from the parking attendants to everyone we encountered. To anyone outside of possibly D1 schools, players and fans are going to be absolutely impressed with a high school facility of that size and quality.