Ohio State Commit, George Washington III, Moving To Dayton For Senior Season

Article says he's joining the women's staff.
Article says they will go to private school.
UDs new head coach went to CJ.
CJ seems logical.
Guessing Coach Szabo won't be missing Powell long.
Idle speculation but hey, Dad will work at a Marianist school. His boss, I believe went to a Marianist hs. That school was in downtown Dayton last time anyone checked. Short odds are?

Looks like we've got our answer...
Before you going making any bets, you may want to educate yourself on St. X's policy on transfers. It's not happening.
Are you telling me, if a kids family moves from Louisville and they want to send there child to St X, he will be denied? They will grab those dollars quicker than the ink can dry on the check. ?
Most private schools (I cant speak for all of them) do not allow senior transfers or even junior transfers.
People truly don't realize this is true. It has a lot to do with the value of the diploma. The schools don't want someone who spends one year in their halls to get the same diploma as a kid whose family footed the bill for all 4 years. It's got nothing to do with athletics, and little to do with $; it has mainly to do with the diploma issued upon graduation.