Ohio State Buckeyes 2022


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It let's you know a weakness. Yet Day insist on running. Did they try one pass to Stover? This crap is hard to watch sometimes.
wouldn't‘t that have been a perfect time for a Stroud run?

Once again an emotionless OSU team struggling against a fired up inferior opponent.

Goofy. The play ruled a catch for tsun late in the game i thought immediately “they would have ruled incomplete for OSU”. And a more obvious catch by Harrison is overturned.

Anyway, Bucks need to take what’s given to them. Right now that’s not the run.


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I have been a Ryan Day fan but I now have my doubts. This is the same bs from Urban, but at least he won 1. Tired of the underperforming with talent. You can recruit great, but they need to PLAY and play a full damn game

Are they sleepwalking to UM or is this worse? or


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Not been impressed with our corners at all this year. While our defense as a whole is much improved, any team with any kind of good QB play has bullied our DBs. Very concerning going into the Michigan game and beyond