Ohio State at NCAAs

You are right, with Penn St gobbling up all those points, it made everyone behind them very close in points. Ohio State was 10.5 points away from 2nd place, so if you had a healthy Sasso at 157 this year, where would the Buckeye's have finished? Very real possibility they finish in 2nd place with 4 AAs, and 3 of them in the finals with 1-2 champions.
Yep with Sasso 4 AAs.... 3 from PA and one from IN and zero from OH.
Robbie Howard, Mason Manville, Joe Lee, Adam Bussiello, Seth Nevills, Jared Verkleeren and Jared Cortez would like a word.

Cael swings and missed from time to time too.
Also, to be fair, Anthony Cassar was a Junior world teamer who lost in the quarters in part to an injury (starting his injury problems). His recruiting ranking/early college results did not reflect that talent.
From another board.

Over and Under points.
Team scores projected strictly on seeds (advancement and placement points) and how many placement and advancement points they actually scored (no bonus).

1. Ohio State (+16.5)
2. Michigan (+16)
3. Stanford (+15)
4. Little Rock (+10)
4. Lock Haven (+10)
6. Virginia Tech (+9)
7. Oklahoma (+8.5)
8. Penn State (+7)
9. Navy (6.5)
9. Arizona State (6.5)

1. NC State (-46.5)
2. Lehigh (-27)
3. Purdue (-12)
4. Northern Iowa (-10)
5. Harvard (-8.5)
6. Binghamton (-8)
7. Illinois (-7.5)
8. Oklahoma State (-6.5)
9. Cal Poly (-5.5)
10. Air Force (-5)
When I originally wrote about getting portal talent to fill holes, I had Michigan in mind. They ended up getting the 2nd place trophy with the transfers, without them, they would have been way down the list. As noted in another post, 74% of their points came from the transfers via the portal. I think we have an idea where the holes are at in terms of getting points at the NCAA championships. But I think there is also some valid thinking that at least a few of those holes could fill in next year as the youth gets some more experience.
how big of a boost to recruiting is it when you can say that every single one of your starters is a guy that was recruited and developed by the current staff?
to me thats a big deal
id much rather have OSUs points with their own recruits than MIchigan with their portal hoppers
MP posted a short list... here's more home cooked schools.