Ohio High School Season 2020

Any predictions for the top teams in the state and ideas for lineups on those teams?

My list:
1. Moeller
2. St X
3. Darby
4. Elder

Any sleeper teams? From the South, Walnut Hills could push the 3 GCL schools. Beavercreek, Ignatius, Alter, Fenwick, Mt Vernon?

Moeller - New coach Lee Meyer walks into the team returning the most talent in the state
S - Beckelheimer, Jr. 2 year starter
OH - Fuller, Sr. 3 year starter
OH - Carroll, Jr. 1st year starter
MH - Bowles, Sr. 2 year starter
MH - Boone, Jr. 1st year starter
OPP - Reynolds, Sr. 2 year starter
L - Haas, Sr. 3 year starter

St. X - Less experience but young talent from the reigning state champs with a lot of versatile players
S/OPP - Konrad, Sr
S - Carmosino, Jr
OH - Kastner, Jr
OH - Como, Sr/Schottinger, Sr/Tooman, Jr
MH - Glover, Sr
MH - Toomb, Jr/Turner, Sr
OPP - Turner/Como/Schottinger
L - Dannemiller, Sr
DS - Schroeder, Jr/McGrath, Jr

Elder - The coaching staff at Elder always seems to turn years where the Panthers aren't expected to do well into successes
S - Koewler, Sr
S/OPP - Weisman, Jr
OH - Beiter, Sr
OH - Albers, Jr/Byrne, Sr/Maune, So/Engelhardt, Sr
MH - Dugan, Sr
MH - Sinnard, Sr/Meyer, Jr
OPP - Engelhardt/Albers
L - Shook, Sr
DS - Geisen, Jr/Smith, Jr

Walnut Hills - A couple of VERY strong pieces, just wonder who makes up the rest of the 6 on the court.


Walnut has a 6’9 kid playing on Attack’s 17-1s in addition to the known players in Hagerty and Vogelpohl. Walnut also has two kids on Attack’s 17-2s- Britt and Smith-Trondle. They had a pretty decent year last year and some of those pieces are returning like a middle, Sr Tre Harris who was regional honorable mention in 2019.
Division I
1. Moeller
2. St X
3. Darby
4. Elder
5. Walnut Hills
6. Beavercreek
7. Olentangy Orange
8. Olentangy Liberty

Division II
1. Walsh
2. LsSalle
3. Hoban
4. Alter
5. Badin
6. Olentangy
7. Thomas Worthington
8. St. Charles