Official Elder?Beavercreek Time and Location


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I just talked to a lady in the Princeton Athletic Office and she confirmed that today's game between Elder & Beavercreek is at 2:00 at Viking Stadium.

Hat's off to the Elder web site which was the only one that had it right. The Enquirer which should be used as floor covering during puppy training had it at Northmont at 3. Several other sites had the location right but the time wrong and the OHSAA website didn't have it listed anywhere.

SHAME ON THE ENQUIRER AND THE OHSAA! This isn't brain surgery numb skulls! You got schooled by a bunch of kids who run the Elder website who probably will be covered in purple paint today screaming goofy chants. Tom Groescen, get a new job!
Add the Dayton Daily News website to your rank.

It was right in their print addition today.

Yesterday afternoon, I sent an email to the lady who is listed as the OHSSA webmaster asking for the correction to be made. Lot of good that did.