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Rumor is AD may go with one of the Assistants, Mirizzi or the JV coach. Would this be a good idea? Will it take OH making a complete change to move forward? I have heard that a number of players did not play this season because of coaching staff. Would they return under this scenario?
I think that since Ausman is out, OH will find a young coach that wants to win. OH always has great talent. It's just recently that they haven't done anything with it.

As for the players that quit, why quit in the first place? You're always going to get a coach your not going to like unless you're lucky. Seems like an easy way out to me. But, if they have a passion for soccer they will be back. Unless the new coach doesn't want them.
From what I was told, the players that didn't play this year were mostly (if not all) seniors.
The reason that they didn't play was because Ausman cut them.
I was told that it was because Ausman didn't think that they were showing enough hustle or heart in pre-season and the younger players were.
Could it have been an attitude problem because the players had something agains Ausman? I don't know that answer.
It could have been that the players thought that they didn't have to try to make the team because they were seniors?