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i know its kinda early to be talking about next season but... who will have a lot of guys coming back that could make a good run, who will the suprises be? I know x has some good talent in this years spohmore class but what about some of the other schools?

I called it this year when I predicted the breakout of the Sycamore Golf Program and the emergence of The one Nasty Nick Schmidt. Now lightning will strike twice as I unveil Sycamore's new weapon of mass destruction. So big that he simply goes by the nickname DEATHSTAR. Once known as David Dannenberg this name was cast aside when he did time in juve for pulling a knife on a poor fellow golfer that wouldn't allow this mammoth of a man to play through. When asked why he felt the need to pull the knife he replied simply "Dannenberg hate slow golf". It was after this that the more appropiate name of DEATHSTAR was handed down. Deathstar has been known for shooting an 28 for nine holes then snapping clubs in rage of his poor play before threating another golfer who tried to congratulate him on his round with a chainsaw he had stored in his bag for the occasion. Yes he has quite the temper but if he can keep his crazy streak in tact look for him to tear the league apart.

Look for Deathstar and the Self proclaimed best golfer in the world- Bryce Lindsey. To lead Sycamore to the state championship next year.
I think colerain will be one of the best teams in the state led by last years tranfer and senior Justin Epure man is he good!!!!!
Wow ^^^ :rolleyes: ...

But I do think Colerain has a chance to do some damage with 4 returning lettermen along with some guys moving up who can post a solid score.
If anyone is going to win state from cincinnati next year it is going to be st x....i know that no one likes to hear that but with keating, graham, buse, crane, and a number of other guys who could step up, theyre gunna be hard to beat
Although Hoag & Murphy graduate this year, they bring back these guys:

Also competing for the Bears were sophomore Jason Lantz (tied for ninth, 159), freshman Colin Allen (tied for 11th, 160) and junior Scott Blosser (48th, 172). Seventy-two golfers competed in the tournament.

State Champions Bears hold off Jerome by 5 shots to win title

I'm sure they'll be formidable again.

I'd expect Dublin Jerome to also be pretty good again as well. Their guy who was the individual runner-up at State is a sophomore.

"I know that our younger kids are already excited to go work on their short game and try to come back here to get that title back. We had 10 players within our program average in the 70s this year, so our future looks good."

Celtics fall five shots shy of winning third state title
thenewcardinal said:
I think colerain will be one of the best teams in the state led by last years tranfer and senior Justin Epure man is he good!!!!!

i bet that's you, and i bet you're garbage
Possible St.X State Team

Ionna- Long hitter good for scarlet. Experienced played at U.S. Junior Am last year. Played Varsity A just missed state team. GCGA All-Star honorable mention

Graham- Medium length hitter. State team experience from last year. He can get hot with the putter. GCGA All-Star honorable mention. First team all GCL

Florez- Long hitter good for scarlet course. Played Varsity B last year but was only person under 40 scoring average and GCGA All-star honorable mention.

Keating- Shorter hitter, but has state team experience from last year. Is only a sophomore but has great talent. He shot 69 last year in a tourny and I think he was 1st or 2nd Team All-GCl and GCGA 2nd Team All-Star.

Buse or Crane- Buse almost made state last year he was the sixth man. Crane longer hitter and can hurl heavy wet pool towels with ease extremely strong imo.
Tyler Light from Perry High School could make a great run at state next year but as fro his team fellow sophmores Mitch Maileo and Jarod Blogna need to step up along with senior Ryan Weston
OSU22 said:
i hear elder will have 5 seniors next year and should have lots of expierence
just because they have 5 seniors doesnt mean anything, i played with one of them last year and he shot even, this year he shot a 47 so i guess you never know
it doesnt matter if elder has 5 seniors, st x will dominate gcl and the city cuz moeller sucks this year and elder never has a good enough team to compete, the only other contenders are sycamore and lakota east
st x is always predicted to be best the city and most of the time they live up to expectations, and this years team is going to be a great team even by x's standards

this year could also be considered a down year for the state considering UA lost hoag and murphy and jerome loses a couple of good players
Based on this thread, I'm trying to figure out how we can send St. X to the Ryder Cup in a few years...Valhalla's not that far away.
i'd laugh if X's team lost a match next year to anyone south of Columbus. They have too many good and experienced players to be matched by anyone from around here. I guarnetee a state golf championship for X either this year or next year