Next Season Perry

I agree tyler light for sure but the other two werent very good last year very inconsitant plus Jarod got kicked off the team for cheating not a good combo
Hey give them a chance to talk you never know how good they are until you see them. For all we know they might be better than most.
No JArod bolgna didn't really cheat a hole was wrong on a card and they fixed it then signed the cards. But him and the coach weren't really on the same page. And yeah Blogna wasnt consistant at all and Light is great.
what is up with all this small town talk come to cincy and see how good you are

listening about all the cincy crap gets annoying and some people up north want to talk about their golf so why does it matter so much to you?:confused:
i think tyler light will make it to states as an individual and finish well but they def wont make it to states as a team......i dont think any teams from stark will this year unless central recruits someone really good or the 2 lone starters from northwest lead the team with two talented freshman coming in
cincinnati kids are just a bunch of stuck up babies who only think theyre good because their daddys have been sending them to golf camps their whole lives.
I am from Cincinnati and my daddy doesnt send me to golf camps, i dont need golf camps to beat you or anyone so why dont you get off here because your only have one post and it was the most ignorant thing i think i have ever heard on here so scram you 20 handicaper:thumb:
hey eupre or euper or w/e the ---- ur name is shut the ---- up and u can talk on hear once u live up to ur so called reputation and win a state championship like i did
actually u were handed the state championship after u came in second. but i am curious where r u playing in college? i dont mean anything by it, just curious?
hey whoever u r i just won the states this year past year in 2006 div. 2 justin lower ok bud i got the medal to prove it i shot 80-79 for a 159 and i won by 3 so yeah know who ur talkin to before u start slammin 'em
80-79 i was shooting that ---- when i was 9 and although you won state you would have never had a shot in D I by the way what did you shoot to get out of districts because D I you needed a 74 or better in 50+ mph winds.

O and you didnt answer what college are you going to?
Hey Eture or w/e I wouldnt be dogging on Justin Lower he did win the state championship!!!

no because i played in division one thats alot harder to do than win in D II, i know that Justin Lower if he was in DI he wouldnt even made it out of districts.