New York AG files lawsuit against Trump and his children for fraud


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She chose this route because there's zero evidence a crime has been committed.

You do understand President Trump and the Trump organization are audited by the IRS pretty much annually? Since they haven't found a single incident of fraud or evasion, what makes you nuts suddenly believe you have? Inflated assets???

We all laugh hardily at your impotence.
Not true. Plenty of evidence. Documents showing over evaluation of property when applying for loans. Plenty of evidence of tax evasion as well.


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The NY AG is smarter than the banks who loaned him money and the entire IRS who audited him on multiple occasions?

You people are hilarious.
IRS did audits based on the values he submitted. If his taxes reflected the loan valuations, he does not have a tax problem. If he deflated the properties for tax purposes and exaggerated them for loan purposes, his is in a world of hurt. That is exactly what his fixer said he was doing. The AG already said she sent their findings to NY Tax department.


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The loans were paid off so no they weren't defrauded.
This is the thing. Even if he did overvalue the properties to obtain loans, what are the damages and who suffered them? If the loans were paid back, how can you argue damages? If they weren’t paid back, wouldn’t it be the banks that suffered the damage and not the government?

this whole thing should be thrown out pretty quickly and this attorney should be debarred for this.


If they weren’t paid back, wouldn’t it be the banks that suffered the damage and not the government?
Federal banking laws come into play once that happens. (as they should)

Agree with you that this is more grandstanding by the government.


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Tish James campaigned on and conducted her office for the purpose of investigating a political opponent and those around him trying to find a crime. That is Soviet-level prosecutorial abuse where individuals are targeted not to prosecute a crime, but to sift through their lives in the hope of finding a crime.

And lacking a prosecutable crime, trying to bring them down and purge them from the economic world through a civil lawsuit.

James’ conduct is a disgrace to the Office of Attorney General.