New Kid On The Block

Pardon me this might become long winded.

I have contemplated starting a blog on here for a while now. My fiance and I welcomed our first child in this world in February. As many of you are aware it is a life changing event. Watching someone develop before your eyes is amazing. They come home as this little fresh miniture you with no knowledge about anything. All they are capable of doing is crying when they are hungry, uncomfortable, and have a full diaper. Its the little things that are amazing. 9 months later they can roll over, sit straight up, hold their own bottle, and have begun to develop a personality of their own.

Speaking of personality its funny because I can already see parts of myself and his mother in the way that he acts. Very curious, active, and ambitious baby like his dad :D. Very stubborn like his mom. And boy is he a mommas boy. My fiance says so what and that I am too which is an undeniable fact. I come from a single parent household, and that is something my son will never experience. There is so much I want to do with him that I wish my dad would have done with me.

I will refer to my son by the nickname that I call him by "Ben". It drives my fiance crazy because it is no where close to his actual name. When he came home with his wrinkly skin he reminded me of Benjamin Button. Just a quick back story.

Ben is currently at his Grandmother's house as she gets all of her grandkids every other weekend. (4 Grandchildren under the age of 2, the new generation is growing fast). Basically this will be a blog to track the feats, milestones and daily interactions of my son and I. Its funny, because having a child makes you rethink your own relationship with your parents. Today he is learning how to walk (we hope he will be able to walk by X-mas) and tomorrow your child is driving.

I'm one of those people that look ahead in regards to everything. I've already planned for the day he goes off to Kindergarten ... the day he develops an interest in sports ... the time when he gains an interest in a mate ... even the day he comes to me as an adult with his own family.

That is it for this entry. Been thinking about doing this for about 7 months now and finally decided to give it a try. Hope you all enjoy.
Tis the season of Christmas afterall. Me and the fiance went and picked up a tree. We actually got a tree for the first time last year. Even though Ben was still in the womb it was our first Christmas as a family. We also bought some gifts for Ben too, all educational toys of course. Its going to be his first actual Christmas. Can't wait until he gets back from his grandma's house. He is going to try to tear that tree up ha.

One thing I have noticed is during the first year everything seems like it is for the parents. When we moved into our new apartment I couldnt wait for him to see his new room ... even though I know he could care less. Me wanting him to see the tree is somewhat in the same vein, and lets be honest the kid could careless what he gets for Christmas either.
The fiance and I are beginning our search for a Daycare Center for Ben. She is taking it pretty hard. I don't feel too comfortable with the situation either, but we both knew this day would come. Up until this point we have had her parents (we live in her hometown and not mine) help us out with Ben during the week when one of us were unavailable. This has led to some interesting family situations and we would like to avoid them going forward.

I start my new job at the top of the year and it does not allow for much flexibility. My fiance is still finishing up her college classes.

This will be the first time someone other than a trusted family member will be in charge of monitoring our child. Big step.
My mom predicted that Ben would be walking by Christmas because he is really good at moving around with aid. I felt like he would be crawling sooner than he did because he showed good signs early. I learned my lesson or at least I thought I did.

Tonight he stood up alone for about 5 straight seconds. He also can take about a step and a half before he lunges at something to hold him up. Maybe he will be able to walk before Christmas. I'm on the train that thinks he can.

Also its official. His first word is dada. At first the fiance was a little jealous but in all honesty he has no clue what he is saying and he is such a mommas boy its a moot point.

Watched the Todd Marinovich Project tonight. There is a chance I will push my son pretty hard in any area that he wants to be great in. I don't think Marv Marinovich was as nutty as I thought the media made him out to be. His son left a lot to be desired in the mental aspect of life ... but you can't deny he built on hell of a QB from a physical stand point. Where he failed was trying to somewhat live his life through his son. You can't want their dream more then them. That's something I will remind myself whenever I might be pushing Ben too hard down the line.
Finally began calling Day Care Centers today. A cool grand a month is the asking price for these places. Guess that is not too bad. Interested in the Goddard School. I would have to say they are the front runner. Based off their website seems like a great safe environment. They also begin to teach your infant sign language. I was impressed ... dont know why since I have no clue who the hell Ben would talk to once he got home. We have about 4 visits set up for Monday to see which Center we like the best.
Went in for our first visits of Daycare Centers today. The difference between the 1st two was amazing. And the inferior place had the nerve to charge more for tuition than the other. Slam dunk choice after day 1 we will see what day 2 brings tomorrow.

Daycare A was far more structured than Daycare B. The cleanliness of A was immaculate. The first thing someone said on our visit to B upon entering was "Excuse our mess today". The appearance of the staff of A was a factor too. There was a large difference in the development of the kids at the two places as well.

I think you can all tell which Center won this day.
Canecelled our visits to the daycares that we were going to visit. Decided to go with the 1st Daycare that we visited yesterday. Perfect fit. The irony is our attitude has changed from being worried about sending him off to a daycare or babysitter to being excited for Ben. Its going to be a good experience. I feel very comfortable with the staff. I paid attention to the way the children responded to their teachers during our visit. One thing I noticed since having Ben is babies/toddlers have their way of communicating that is more telling than verbal communication.

Yesterday when we visited the first Daycare Center, he made a little friend. Turns out they are only a few days a part in age. I thought that would be cool as they move throw the classes together at the center. My preschool bestfriend and I were only one day a part. Not an interesting fact but a little coincedence.
Ben celebrated his 1st Christmas a couple of days ago. Long day as we visited both in-laws in different cities. Didnt get to open the presents we had gotten him at home until close to midnight. Assembled all of the pieces the next day. He got a lot of stuff. A mini house to help him with his colors, shapes, and numbers. Boy was that fun to put together. A Little Tikes sports complex. And a table/piano.

I thought he would be more into ripping the wrapping paper, but he had no clue what the hell was going on. Got some cool footage of him slamming the ball through the rim on his new basketball hoop. He got a couple of other little toys too. Best Christmas ever I will say. I can't wait until he knows what is going on. We saw my brother and his wife along with my nephew who is 2 and a half years old on Christmas Eve. Ha they let him open his toys throughout the week because they were more excited than he was.