NBC bowling

I comment on bowling and so does everyone else who is into bowling like I am. Are you trying to say that posting on the bowling forum isn't cool??? Well, I know for sure that I am super cool and I post on the bowling forum all the time. Maybe you should start posting on here a little more. :clap:

johnny_blaze, I think minerva will be strong but not because of chip wright. I've bowled him many times and I feel he is one of the most overrated bowlers. Minerva will be strong because of guys like me. I bowled a 254 last night with my dad and little sister and I was bowling left handed half the time. I even rolled a stike with my eyes closed. Minerva will be great because of me. Watch out everyone! :clap:
I would say Minerva will be pretty strong although Chip's technique seems like it has been off as of late. He looks like he has been struggling lately I think he'll get it back tho, he's a strong-willed kid... An iron horse, if you will. Minerva will probably be knocked out in the semi's tho because I have seen some strong bowlers up north that have been after Chip. A group of them wore shirts to school that said, 'We hate Chip and his family'. I duno tho, we'll see what happens it seems like their could be some friction in the bowling world.
who all in the nbc has a bowling team?

This might explain why minerva has a very good team in a league.
the only school that has one is Minerva so you can't ask whos going to be good. high school bowling is kinda over rated in my oppinion. You have more oppertunities to get scholarships if you bowl in open tournaments.