MS looking for Tourneys and Duals

Nagel Middle School in Anderson Township in Cincinnati is looking for any tourneys and duals/tris that still need teams.

We have 3 teams that are based off of skill level: Blue=best kid in each weight class, Silver=2nd best kid in each weight, Hawks=anyone else left in a weight class.

So we can accommodate for any school and skill level.


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If you are loooking to host a dual, Amelia would be willing to travel. We dont have quite a full team but we have some quality kids and it would make for a great dual. Also you might contact Williamsburg about a tri they are putting together on 12/13.

Justin Weeks
Amelia JHCW


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The Butler-Warren Wrestling Club would love to have you at either of our tournaments.

Saturday 12/8/12 At Summit Country Day Athletic Complex Legal Block Weight everyone gets a medal $15.00 per Wrestler. 10am weigh-ins 1PM Start

Sunday 12/16/12 Duals at MAdison High School ·Six Teams· 3 mats·3 officials· 5 matches ·$100.00 entry fee· Free admission to the public.· Trophies for each team

Friday 1/4/13 tri meet @ Lakota East 6PM

Contact Adam Coffey 513-919-7538


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Coach Covert

We would love to have all 3 of your teams at the Philo Electric Junior High Invitational on January 12, 2013 if you are interested. Tournament is held at Tri-Valley High School in Dresden. We have a main tournament for top 32 kids in each weight calss and an exhibition tournament for any unseeded wrestlers. 9 mats in 2 gyms. See info about tournament at tournament website at If you have any questions you can email me at or call/text me at 740-891-1970.

Ric Roe
Philo Electric Invitational
Tournament Director


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greenfield mcclain has an opening for a jh team at our place on 12/6. we have 11 kids, mostly first year. also there will be adena, it is the first year of their program.
you can send me pm if interested.