Moeller 7 Thomas Worthington 6


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Anyone go? This had to be an exciting game to watch, what's the atomsphere like at Moeller's new fields?
Is Moeller using CHCA's field this year, or do they actually have their own fields?

Moeller installed field turf behind the school on the old football and baseball practice fields. They have a regulation football field, no lights or significant seating. They also now have a soccer facility and lacrosse field equipped with field turf as well. They expect to utilize the fields for daytime activities (freshman and reserve football, varsity soccer and lacrosse, band practice etc.) while playing most night games at a different venue.
Anyone go? This had to be an exciting game to watch, what's the atomsphere like at Moeller's new fields?

It was an exciting game. Both Moes defense and offense showed great effort. The scoring was spread pretty evenly... As I remember, Bauer had 1 goal and 2(?)assists, Hofrichter had a goal and maybe 3 assists? Urban had a goal, Carrol had 1 goal, Wersel 1 goal and Morgan 2. The worst part of the game was watching Troy Stehlin get knocked out cold by one of Worthingtons players. Thankfully, he is okay.

The field is awesome. There were a lot of fans! But I agree that they could use alot more seating. Great to finally watch Moe play on their on home turf!!
Great Start for Moe!

:clap: Agree laxman, game was very exciting and Moeller looked pretty good on both ends of the field. Long poles all played very well as did Faust at goal. After sophmore Mize's performance at Mariemont last week and Faust this week, goal is looking more solid than expected preseason.

Scoring, much like Mariemont was balanced with both attack and mids getting key goals. EMO did well in second half after rough first half where they didn't take advantage of several chances. Given both Finegan and Catino didn't play (much), Moe's offense looked good.

Only struggles for Moe were crease defense (almost all TWs goals were easy looks up close) probably due to missed 2nd slides and face-offs where I think TW had a solid edge as did Mariemont in first game. Hopefully FO will improve as season moves on since IH, St. X and Columbus teams are going to be tough at the stripe and possessions will be key.

New fields are very nice and will be even better once scoreboard is on and if there was some more seating. Moe is splitting games between new field and CHCA depending on gametime (no lights at Moe).
Given that both of Moellers goalies have played well so far, does anyone know if they plan to split time and rotate?