Moe vs. X

Of what i hear varsity- Moeller 14 X 13
Moeller scored like 5 in the last three minutes.. a game where x controlled most of the game but Moe got hot in the end
wait, x was not up by 4-5 goals the whole game...they were up by two at half and then broke out in the 3rd quarter to make it eventually 13-8 or 13-7. but the first half was really back and forth, x controlled the game in the 3rd quarter but obviously not the 4th
best show in town

As expected, it was a great game as usual between these 2 teams.

I wouldn't agree that X physically dominated the game but they were definitely in control. First 4-5 points were back and forth with X holding a 1-2 goal edge. Biggest difference throughout the first half was X was dominating face offs (Moe had maybe 1 or 2 at half?) and running through Moe's defense. In particular, Moe had a lot of trouble stopping Gerry Riley who was just blowing past them to score.

Moe stayed close for a while moving ball well and getting some good shots. By half and early 3rd quarter the face-off dominance and ground balls for X just gave them so many more scoring opportunities they built a good lead.

Mid 3rd and 4th quarter, Moe shifted to zone defense and took away the easy runs to the goal and finally started winning a few face-offs and ground balls. A few quick scores got the momentum going their way and then they dominated the 4th on ground balls and possession time to run off the 6 goal streak to take lead with less than a minute.

A great game with some strong performances by a number of players. Congrats Moe on a big win.:clap: