MLB proposes delayed 154-game season with expanded postseason for 2021


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  • 154-game season with full pay for players
  • Season delayed one month and extended one week
  • Expanded postseason
Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues throughout the United States, MLB spring training is scheduled to open in a little more than two weeks. However, Major League Baseball hopes to delay the start of the 2021 season. The league can not do so unilaterally, so, as of right now, spring training and Opening Day are on schedule.

That could change. Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports reports MLB recently proposed framework for a delayed 154-game season to the MLBPA. Here are the key details from the proposal:


Go Buckeyes
I don't like this idea at all. The season already goes into the Fall too much. Season should be completed by October 15. November baseball games just don't make sense. Now they want to extend the regular season one more week and expand the postseason.

I'll continue to watch college and NFL football instead of the baseball games played in frigid temperatures. It's the "Boys of Summer", not "Boys of Fall" or soon to be "Boys of Winter"...


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I don't understand this proposal by MLB. why would you cut the season shorter. Every game is an opportunity for revenue, and after season where you lost millions of dollars, why would you have less games.
It's also not possible to move the season back any further than it already is. Watching playoff and world series games in 30 degree weather is silly. Go with the normal schedule, if you want to add more playoff teams go ahead, but it has to be best of 3 or 5 if you add. Expand rosters to 30 and play 7 inning double headers every Sunday, then you can shorten the length of the season.


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Arizona has requested MLB delay Spring Training in Arizona. That's where the delay comes from. MLB doesn't have to listen though