milford lax

they will be strong in d4 it will be a battle between milford middletown and loveland with anderson out
moex said:
According to OHSLA, Middletown (Bishop Fenwick) is moving to varsity status....congratulations.

Fenwick is to small to compete, they are now in the GCL even though that means nothing for lacrosse
milford isn't good go talk s*** about someone you guys can beat they haven't had a real graduating class until this year they are going to be fine in division 2 and you guys have fun beating little miami and colerain that will be a challenge
i agree, i dont mean to be dissing milford or anything but it seems like milford posts in every thread about their best players and how good they are, im glad milford's lacrosse program is growing and getting better...good for you guys, but its just not necessary to post in threads where you talk as if you could play with the D1 teams of cincinnati
I really don't see any Milford fans posting non-stop saying things along the lines of "Milford's (so-so) player could destroy any Moeller/St. X player" and how their team should be D1. I just see them as being proud of their growing program, and I would be too if I were them. They're just trying to get more recognition, that's all. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Go luck this year Milford! :thumb:
what im saying laxplayer11, is that if you look in just about every thread there is something about some milford player..yeah good for the milford players...but it gets annoying when you see it in every thread, theres no need for it