MH FAB50 Database Updated with 2016 Selectees

Congratulations Ian Cowen. In my opinion he was the best player in the state this year. I saw Darby play 3 times (all against Moeller). With the way Darby passed the ball, I don't think any other player could have got that team all of those wins.
It's odd because he wasn't player of the year for his league, region or state... And yet he's fab 50? Seems to me like the coaches missed the boat! I saw him play too and thought he was the best in the state.
I thought Ohio had 2 very deserving candidates this year in Ian and Dejon Clark.

I really thought both of them deserved to be on the Fab 50, both were high level players and both signed with top level schools.

Dejon is a snub, but Ohio at least got a player on the list again. I think Clark and Jarrod Kelso are two of the biggest snubs I can remember from Ohio
I'm certainly not privy to how college men's volleyball recruiting really works, and even more specifically, what Ohio State's recruiting philosophy is versus other schools. Is Ohio State intentionally passing up on kids like Ian, or had he already made up his mind a while ago that he was going to Loyola instead & the Buckeyes never really had a shot at him? I hope it's the latter.
This is all speculation, but I would guess it's because Ohio State's staff prefers taller setters. Their starting setter and last years recruit, Christy Blough and Will Eichel are both listed as 6'5 and are above average blockers.